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martes, 24 de mayo de 2011



waking up from the longest dream
the past 24 years i've been asleep
epifany knocked on my door
and my ride to escape is long long gone

& i dont feel i can lie to myself anymore
& i just dont care what you say or you dont say at all

feelling torn and lost inside}my head is
spinning like a corousel ride
thinking over and over again
of the things i did, all the shit in my head

cuz i got temporary dementia
suffering from a fatal obsession
and i dont know what else to say
when i hear this voices just screaming in my head
and no, i dont need intervention
what else but good medication
to numb my mind, my thoughts and lies
and i feel like i gotta runaway from this now

sinking in all the things i feel
and there's a chance to finnaly set them free
i agree to see whats good in life
and if i succeed i will make it by

but there are sometimes when i feel like quitting it all
and the voices in my head just tell me to do it all wrong


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